coastal engineering and hazard mitigation solutions

Mr. Jones is a registered professional engineer specializing in coastal hazard identifcation, hazard mitigation and coastal engineering. He has over 35 years experience as a practicing engineer, and has worked throughout the United States and abroad on studies and projects related to:

- flood hazard mapping
- flood loss estimation modeling
- post-disaster damage investigations
- flood-resistant design and construction
- building codes and standards
- coastal setback studies
- beach management plans
- beach nourishment

Mr. Jones uses his knowledge of coastal construction and forensic studies to improve coastal flood hazard mapping guidance, and uses his knowledge of flood hazards to inform post-disaster damage investigations.

He has served as an expert witness on coastal management and flood hazard mitigation issues in over 20 hearings and trials at the local, state and federal levels.


September 2011 -- Flood Resistant Design CodeMaster published.

Jones was the principal author for this 8-page laminated guide to flood resistant design. The document outlines a 12-step procedure to ensure compliance with the flood provisions of the International Building Code, the International Residential Building Code, ASCE-7 and ASCE-24. A terminology section and a worked example are included.

Click here for NFIP Building Standards Evaluation report

Mr. Jones completed an Evaluation of National Flood Insurance Program Building Standards.  The study was part of the larger NFIP evaluation program, and was the first systematic review of the costs and benefits of incorporating freeboard (elevating buildings higher than flood hazard maps require) into new construction in flood hazard areas. The study documented that freeboard is cost effective for new construction. 

Notable projects and studies include:

• rewrite of FEMA's Coastal Construction Manual (2000 and 2011)
• development of coastal flood modeling procedures for FEMA’s flood loss estimation model, HAZUS
• development of flood and erosion damage functions for high-rise buildings 
• member of FEMA's Technical Mapping Advisory Council (TMAC)
• post-storm building performance assessments: Opal (1995), Fran (1996), Ivan (2004), Katrina (2005), Ike (2008), Isaac (2012), Sandy (2012)
• member of ASCE team investigating tsunami damage in American Samoa (2009) 
member of State of Florida professional team developing standards for flood catastrophe models
• chair of ASCE-24 (Flood Resistant Design and Construction) Standard Committee
• chair of ASCE-7
Flood Loads Task Committee

Surge, wave and erosion damage, Bolivar Peninsula, TX, Hurricane Ike (2008)
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